Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good Read: Tea on soba for sickies

At the risk of sounding like I'm out of it or have bad taste or whatever, I'll admit it: I love the pho at the purple Pho Bac on Jackson. Before you get started telling me there's better pho, I get it. I've heard it. But for personal reasons, that's where I go to get pho, especially when I'm sick with something cold/sinus/sniffle related.

The personal reason is this: When I was in seventh grade my English teacher took us there for lunch during a field trip. Can you even imagine? Taking assy 13 year olds to try something not only new, but vastly new? I mean, they put the meat in the bowl raw and it cooks in the broth. This is not an experience for the food babies this country has been raising for the last 60 years. And of course my whole class was all "oh my GAHD gross" while I secretly loved it.

So maybe out of respect for my teacher and her impressive balls (you know, for a girl), I still go there. It's one of the first places I took Ed when he came to meet my family, and I loved him for loving it (for the record, Ed gets the well-done brisket and I get the round steak. mmmm.)

I'm rambling on this topic because Tea Austen Weaver got me thinking with her soba sick dish, a steaming bowl of soba noodles with baby bok choy and a soft-boiled egg.

Being sick isn't so bad when you get to eat like that.

Pho Bac in Seattle

[where: 98118]

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