Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good Read: The Surly Gourmand reviews Quinn's

Everywhere you turn there's a review of Capital Hill's new gastropub, Quinn's. But none comes close to the quality and hilarity of the Surly Gourmand's review. Before you click, you should know that it's chock-full of, urh, colorful language.

Three choice quotes:

No one ever asks me before they open a business in this town. If they did I would have said “No gastropubs because they’re for yuppie douche bags. Now make out with your twin sister and let me videotape it.” But they opened Quinn’s anyway.

...So we had to order something more substantial. Like the brandade ($7). Brandade (not to be confused with a Band- Aid) is mashed salt cod. Sometimes it’s mashed with potatoes. Sometimes not. Quinn’s version was combined with potatoes and lots of rosemary. The salt cod adds a rich pelagic essence to the potatoes, and while it does taste fishy, the fishiness is muted and distant and salty, like a sea breeze. Damn tasty. The brandade was served with a plate of Quinn’s house made potato chips. These were a fucking revelation: easily the best chips I’ve ever eaten in my life, and I’ve been pretty stoned.

Some of the menu items are REALLY good, but others are as lame as someone who admits they own a Labradoodle. If you live on Capitol Hill and can stand the idea of eating at a gastropub, go to Quinn’s. But don’t go now: wait a couple of weeks until after the hipsters and “foodies” (AKA bored old people) have gotten over this place and you can actually get a table.

I'm his new #1 fan. Read it and laugh, fellow "bored old people."

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Anonymous said...

It's called the Surly Gourmand, not Gourmet.

Anonymous said...

Well, he might be a funny writer, but the "surly" dude should post somewhere other than Seattle Sinner. The review of Quinn's is gone already, and you can't find it using 3 mice AND a couple of keyboards.

The Surly Gourmand said...

Hi and thanks so much for the glowing praise! And I must say I'm flattered to have as my "new #1 fan" the dining editor for Seattle Magazine. Holy fuck I've hit the big time. Can I have a job?

You should know, Allison, that the usual way to show your appreciation to me is with naked pictures of your mom. These can be sent to surlygourmand@theseattlesinner.com. High resolution jpegs please.

Anyway, to the guy who complained about the old posts not being listed on the Sinner's web site, I'm in the process of resurrecting my old blog, which I haven't written on in 3 years. All the old stuff will be posted there. Stay tuned.

Your friend,
the Surly Motherfucking Gourmand

PS here's some gossip: did you know Gypsy closed? Seems the feds finally fingered them, and not in the good way.

Surly Gourmand said...

The original review of Quinn's is available herehere, on my newly updated blog. Enjoy, bastards.


Your friend the Surly Motherfucking Gourmand