Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Food News: Where's Viv?

When I moved back to Seattle and started re-engaging with the food scene here a year ago, the best part was discovering fresh, new, sometimes-offbeat food personalities, especially among the bloggers. There are so few "official" outlets for food writers in Seattle, so it's fun to see the range of talent among the "unofficial" food writing community. And Viv, aka Seattle Bon Vivant, was one of my favorites.

Viv's shoes, via her moblog

But I started noticing--sometime in August--that Viv's posts were thinning out. There were just two posts that month. September brought just one (which, compared to the 19 posts she made during Sept. 2006, is quite a change of pace).

And then in October? Nothing. November? Again, nada. Seattle Bon Vivant has been stagnant for three months now.

The good news is, she's still taking photos. And they're seriously good photos (take a look at these first pics of Txori Bar). She's blogging on her photos, which is fun and probably a lot less trouble than blogging on her blog and then adding photos to her posts.

But I still miss her posts, don't you?

[where: 98101]

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julie said...

Yes! I miss Viv! I'm, sadly, no longer a Seattleite anymore and I lived vicariously through her writings and food photography. I definitely follow her flickr account, but if you need someone to sign a petition or commiserate with, I'm your girl.