Saturday, December 15, 2007

Good Read: Chowhounders on Seattle's most touristy resto

There's a funny discussion going on over at Chowhound --people are nominating Seattle's most touristy, overrated restaurants. So far the nominees are the Crab Pot, Salty's, The Space Needle Restaurant, Cheesecake Factory and Palisade. No surprises there.

I think the even funnier question is: What cheeseball tourist restaurant do you actually sometimes go to?

When I was living in NYC, my friend Beth took our friend Doug to the Olive Garden as a joke "thank you" for helping her move. It was actually a pretty hilarious meal. I learned alot! Like, did you know that the Olive Garden garnishes their Bloody Marys with salami?

I loved it, but since I was there with vegetarians I found this detail particularly great. The Olive Garden powers-that-be assume that everyone eats meat. And you know, within their target demographic, it's probably a pretty safe assumption.

Because it's obviously not the locals keeping the Chelsea Olive Garden alive. Nah, if a local is there it's because they're either trying to assuage homesickness (when going home to visit the fam in Cleveland isn't in the budget), as a guilty pleasure, or as a joke.

So which restaurant do you secretly go to when no one's watching? For my family it's always been the Spaghetti Factory. I know, I know, but we're sharing embarrassing restaurants/foods we like, right? So don't make fun of me, but...

...mine is the spaghetti with browned butter and myzithra cheese at the Spag Fag. That stuff is pretty damn good.

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JD said...

About every 6 months to a year I really start craving some KFC.