Monday, November 19, 2007

Good Read: Michèle Gentille on cheffing in Antarctica

A Brooklyn chef and cookbook writer (she co-authored the new Laurent Tourandel cookbook) moves to Antarctica to cook. And blogs about it.
Think you're adventurous? Read this and then we'll talk.

A taste:

It’s still early in the summer, more like early spring, so temperatures are not at hat-shedding levels yet, and many of these folks spend their days in 40 to 90 degrees below zero, engaged in physical labor of some sort. After only one week of arduous outdoor work, the carpenters, cargo haulers, and mechanical geniuses that keep things working bought up all the superglue—there is a tiny shop here, open an hour a day-- to patch up their cracking fingers.

Thanks to Andrea Strong for the link.

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