Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Food News: Restaurants opening all over town

Seattle's going through a growth spurt. There are restaurants opening every week (almost every day) right now, and not just the forgettable sort. These are really exciting restaurant openings.

I just drove by Lola's South City Bakery which opened in early November just south of Columbia City in Hillman City, on Rainier. It's a darling space and, so far, is getting raves on Yelp.

Then there's Txori, the much anticipated offspring of Madison Valley fave Harvest Vine.
image via Txori

The exciting part is that this is a true Tapas bar (not "small plates," a concept that is really starting to drive me nuts). And that means prices that aren't impossible to afford, like $2.50 bites of chorizo with chocolate (not exactly an original idea, but delicious nonetheless). I can't wait to go.

Of course that leaves Ethan Stowell's How to Cook A Wolf, the "is it or isn't it open?" restaurant of the group. Turns out it isn't, quite yet. I stopped by yesterday and the windows are still papered. I'll keep you posted. Early word is a menu that concentrates on seafood and (yep, you guessed it) small plates.

Also open (actually reopened) is Villa Victoria in Columbia City. Yep, the Madrona tamale lady is back! Watch for more on that soon.

Then there's the crop that've opened in the last few weeks: Quinn's, which is earning raves from everyone I've talked to; Joule, ditto; and Artemis, again, raves all around.

Then there's Kappo Chiso, the omakase-only experience above Chiso in Fremont.

A "kappo," as its known in Japan, is meant to be a personal experience for the diner, an intimate opportunity to talk to the chef while you are enjoying your meal.

I had the unimaginable opportunity to dine at Masa , the ultimate omakase experience, in NYC. I dined there alone (a girl's expense account can only afford one $450/per person sushi meal. No, really, it costs that much) and had the best time imagineable, talking and joking with Chef Masa Takayama. It was magic. And that's why it's so disappointing to hear that Kappo Chiso isn't all that special. This city is sorely in need of a remarkable omakase experience.

Did I miss anything? Have you been to these new places?

PS--You've got til Thursday to enjoy 30 for $30.

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Meg said...

I went to Txori last night, thanks to you mentioning that it was opening. I really enjoyed it; they executed well on traditional tapas, and the bill came in an easier to swallow amount than Harvest Vine bills tend to.

Ali Scheff said...

What does the room look like? Is it pretty small?

mags said...

quinn's is wonderful. service was great, the food was very nice. parking is the only pain in the arse.