Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Eating Seattle: Buckley's redux

I love love seeing Buckley's awesome bacon-cheeseburger getting praise today on Seattle Weekly's food blog, Voracious.

Somebody in this kitchen is taking extra care. I feel like I've had this burger a million times, just not done nearly as well. The bun ”” more than a canvas for the beef, is light, delicious ”” is actually toasted, with the edges tastefully charred. The cheddar's perfectly melted, and the veggie toppings are fresh (crispy lettuce!). The patty? One of the few that I've had lately that wasn't either still moving or could be used by the NHL.

image via Voracious

Not to be too "we told you so" about it, but, well, we pointed you toward their great burgers a couple of months ago.

The burger rocked. Have you noticed how many restaurants fail to season their burger meat? I don't get it--there's nothing more disappointing than an undersalted piece of beef. Buckley's doesn't make this mistake: Their burgers--8oz of nicely seasoned beef cooked medium--rock. The bacon was great too, and the brioche bun doesn't hurt matters either.

Seriously, just go and wolf one down.

[where: 98119]


Meg said...

My kids love a hunting for what they like best in town (eclairs, baguette, fish and chips). And so do I. From your description, we'll be giving Buckley's a try next time we're over near lower Queen Anne.

Ali Scheff said...

that gives me hope! I love to hunt for the best things in town too, and I hope Ruby does eventually.

I think you'll love the burgers and it's fun to have a bar that feels like a bar to go to for beer and to watch a game.