Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Food News: How to Cook a Wolf thisclose to opening

I can tell: You've been waiting for this one, too. And with good reason! Ethan Stowell has opened two of the city's best and most popular restaurants, Union and Tavolata. And now he's on the verge of opening a 20-seater atop Queen Anne? Named after an MFK Fisher book? It's enough to have foodies stopping by, cupping their hands and pressing their noses against the windows just to get a peak inside.

image via Seattle Times

The good news is: How to Cook a Wolf is opening next week! Shhh, don't go telling everyone. There are only 20 seats, after all. We really can't spare any.

And yes, I know you've read conficting reports--they'll open any day! they're not even close to opening!

But trust me on this. Just trust me.

[where: 98119]


Anonymous said...

how can we trust you when it's almost two weeks later and no restaurant? we're counting the minutes up here...

Ali Scheff said...

I know! I do know they've done a "soft opening" dinner, which means they're close. really close.