Sunday, October 7, 2007

Saturday at the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market

I'd had my heart set on getting over to Bainbridge Island's farmers market all summer. Somehow it just never happened.

This weekend I was determined. So what if it was rainy? I kind of like taking the ferry in windy weather. Makes it more of an adventure. We bundled up and hit the road. Callie even got to come along.

It's a short walk to the market, and the trees were putting on a show, all red and orange and gorgeous.

The market itself is nice and small, yet it wins the award for having the most prepared food to eat at a farmer's market; there were three stalls selling hot food, including (get this) an omelet station!

Beautiful fall produce, including lots of winter squash, pumpkins, shallot braids and "ruby" taters!

One of the best things about Bainbridge (and islands in general) are the old-timers, the ones who've lived there forever and, despite all the gentrification and new money, still live humbly in a small cabin with a wood stove. They cook their cans of beans in cast iron and hunt for wild rabbits using blunderbusses. Or so I imagined when I saw this guy.

I made Ed do the "Say Anything" fake posing so I could take pictures of him.

After the market we had soup, a panini and some coffee at Victrola. And enjoyed a pretty nice view.

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