Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eating Mexico: Adios, amigos

We're outta here! I won't pretend I'm bummed to be leaving the already-constant drizzle that has become our reality these last 3 weeks. Or has it been longer? See, I'm numb to it already. Good thing we're getting away.

We're off to fish the Sea of Cortez, to eat freshly griddled masa filled with puerco, and coctel de camarones with spicy ketchup and Saltines. To swim in the warm ocean.

We're going to dance and do tequila shots (if our tired, new-parent asses can handle it). At the very least there'll be plenty of fruity drinks consumed during the day, while trying to speak Spanglish instead of Spazneesh (which is what you speak when you're a spazzy (perhaps even drunken spazzy) American. Two friends and I made that up during a college trip to Mexico. Sorry.)

So in the meantime, pretend you're sitting under a palapa drinking a 2-for-1 (it's happy hour!) blended strawberry margarita while you check out Tea & Cookies, where Tea Austen Weaver has some of the most gorgeous pictures of figs I've ever seen. Or Dan Bennett's photo blog, to get lost in a world of mushrooms. Or head over to What We're Eating and get inspired by Amanda's seriously delicous recipes (and photos). You could also do worse than looking at The Grinder blog on Chow, and there's always Grub Street for those who keep track of foodie comings-and-goings in NYC.

We'll be back soon. But not too soon.

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