Monday, October 29, 2007

Eating Mexico: In pictures

We started our trip in La Paz, which is a more "real Mexico" experience than you'll get in any of the tourist-friendly areas I've been to.

I made a trip to Mexico City about 10 years ago and the attitude of friendly indifference in La Paz reminded me of that. No one's giving you the uber-jolly "hola sir, come and drink our grande margaritas! Free shots!" greeting every 10 steps. We also never had to say "no gracias" to a small child selling Chicklets. So you get the idea.

Our first dinner was our best dinner in La Paz, at (the very unfortunately named) Tequilas Bar & Grill.

I was doubtful--can good food be served at a place called Tequilas? But we'd heard raves from several people at our hotel. Turns out they were spot on: Ed had one of the best arracharas (flank steaks) I've ever had anywhere in the world. I had a filet of freshly caught grilled bass. Oh, and the guac was pretty damn good too. So were the margaritas with fresh lime and orange juice. But I'm going to shut up about it now since we were in "we just got to Mexico!" mode and didn't take any pictures.

What we did take pictures of was a dinner at Racho Viejo, a taco stand that nearly everyone in La Paz insisted we try. Good stuff.

More pictures of La Paz:

The fishing in La Paz is a big draw, but windy weather and a stormy stomach kept us from bringing home lots of atun this trip. Oh well, guess that's our excuse to go back.

Next up: Todos Santos, including the best drink in the world.

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