Monday, October 15, 2007

Food News: U-District Mee Sum now open!

Just got an email from William Fong of Mee Sum Pastry and...drum roll... the U-District Mee Sum is open (!!) serving a limited menu. That means yes on the baked and steamed hombows, no on the moon cakes. And bonus: they'll be serving soups, "popcorn chicken" and bubble tea too!

Fong says they're aiming for a real-deal grand opening early next week.

image via Seattle Times

I doubt I'll be able to keep my curiosity in check until then, though, so check back for a report.

In the mean time, qing! (that's celebrate in Chinese)

PS--Don't know the exact address quite yet, but it's right next to the American Apparel on the Ave.

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[where: 98105]


Kerri said...

nom nom nom!

I'm so glad there's more "takeaway" food coming to the Ave, instead of yet another bubble tea or thai sit-down place :), if only someone could get a decent crepe place again... or a crepe cart! Mmmm...

Ali Scheff said...

I agree totally. I love that you'll be able to grab a hom bow (or 2) for under $5 and just walk down the street eating.