Thursday, September 6, 2007

Eating Seattle: Skillet Street Food

Ruby and I just returned from an outing to where-the-hell-is-Terry-Street-anyways? to taste what Skillet Street Food was dishing today. I was expecting a long line, but when we got to the shiny, dented Airstream trailor around 12:30 there were just a handful of people--office workers, construction guys, people with babies (me)--milling about, playing bag toss to kill time while their food was cooked.

The menu changes every week or so; the three main lunch dishes on offer today were an almond-crusted chicken sammie with apple-fennel slaw, a burger with bacon jam, blue cheese and arugula, and a chopped salad with tiny bits of peppers, cucumbers, garbonzos and salami. They also had their "poutine," gravy-smothered fries with chopped up bits of white cheddar and fresh parsley.

We ordered three out of four: the burger, the salad and a side of the poutine (with the burger). The burger was rad: loosely bound, nice and tender and just a bit pink. Not sure what's in the jam (probably onions and bacon and fat) but it was great. I would order that burger again in a heartbeat. Didn't love the poutine, but I don't love fries in a puddle of anything but ketchup. And it seemed like the gravy needed something. The chopped salad was fine, but nothing spectacular. I like the one at Pagliacci's just as much. This was good but not worth ordering again.

Dangit, we should've had that chicken sandwich. I watched that thing walk away with lots of folks and regretted not ordering it. The slaw looked awesome.

What impressed me most was the gracious, friendly welcome that we recieved. Josh (Henderson), the cooking half of the operation, stuck his head out to say hello, but Danny (Sizemore)--the guy taking orders--was a delight to chat with while we waited. Or maybe that "delight" was a result of his irresistable "hay shugar" Kentucky accent. Either way, I'll be back.

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Skillet in Seattle
[where: 98101]


Dana said...

I was there a day before you, and very much enjoyed the whole vibe. Unfortunately that's where it ended. I really wanted the food to be as great as just being there in the din of industrial construction, ordering from the airstream, playing bean bag toss with the hipsters and chatting with the congenial chef. You really didn't miss anything by not ordering the chicken sandwich. The burger was the best thing there, and much to my dismay that's where it ended.

I'd like to give it a second chance though, to live up to the experience or being there.

Ali Scheff said...

I'll give it another chance too. Probably just because they were so nice and I want this thing to work.

Tamara said...

I would love to check this place out. LMK when you try again and maybe we can meet up for lunch-

Nikchick said...

King County just reported that they closed Skillet down for the following violations:
Operating without a valid permit
Operating without approved food business plans
Handwashing facility not working
Excessive red critical violations

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How can anyone give them a second chance?
Might as well eat off the taco carts in Mexico.

Ali Scheff said...

Um, some of the best food in Mexico comes from taco carts. bad example my friend.

Anonymous said...

gave it another try, and have to say-it was just as disheartening the second time around.
wash your hands boys, because "hey shugar" doesn't work with everyone.
i'd rather go to taco time.
peace out!