Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Eating In: You say Eggs in a Nest, I say Toad in a Hole

I'll just start off by admitting that I have been calling what I made for Saturday morning breakfast "Toad in a Hole" for, well, since birth I guess. So imagine my surprise when, just now, as I was getting ready to post this recipe, I decide to look up a recipe to see if my winging-it Toad in the Hole was anything like what you're supposed to do when making Toad in the Hole.

Well, lordy me, guess what? Toad in the Hole apparently looks like this:

I can assure you: I did not make Toad in the Hole. But hey, sausage, eggs, puff pastry? YUM. Maybe I'll try that sometime.

What I did make was Eggs in a Nest. You know, when you punch a whole in a slice of Columbia City Campagne bread, butter it, then put the bread into a pan to toast on one side while you get the eggs out of the fridge and, hmm, maybe crumble up some Beecher's cheese and maybe cut up a few scallions.

And then, once the bread is toasted, you flip the bread over and carefully place an egg in the hole and toss on some cheese and scallions and hope your pan isn't too hot because then the egg cooks too fast (you want runny eggs).

And then one last quick flip and voila!
Toad in the Eggs in a Nest. And it was yummy.

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Anonymous said...

I call that a "hole in one", mike calls it a bullseye.

Jane said...

I call this Egg in the Hole. My mom loves to make it, but I never thought of adding any veggies.