Saturday, September 22, 2007

Eating Seattle: Skillet Street Food open again

Skillet opened with a bang (and a big Daily Candy email blast) and pretty much everyone's been loving on their bacon jam-topped burgers and fancied-up lunch chow ever since.

image via Fifth Flavor

Then: duh duh DUH, they're shut down by the health department! It's a huge bummer, especially since most of us can name 10 restaurants that are totally gross and definitely should've been shut down before Skillet.

Now, after a couple of emails with co-owner Danny Sizemore to clarify what exactly was going on, I can tell you this: Skillet's back open, operating as a "members-only private food club" (which is what they've been all along). That's until they can get different permits worked out.

Bottom line? Yes, you can look at Skillet Street's website to find their locations (via their GPS), and then you can walk, bike, skip, or roller skate right up to Danny and place your order.

But you can't do it this coming week because they're booked with private events.

Phew. I'm glad they're back, but man, this was exhausting.

[where: 98101]

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Anonymous said...

Just a quick note that skillet is alive and well and adding Capitol Hill next month! WOOT WOOT!