Thursday, August 23, 2007

Skillet Street Food

After covering restaurants for so many years, it's sad to admit, but I don't get that excited about many of 'em. Sure, I have my favorite chefs, I have a running list of places I can't believe I haven't been to (or been to lately), and I love the old standby favorites, where the chef still cooks in the kitchen that bears his or her name. But another Chinoise? Sorry, but yawn.

But when I read about Skillet Street Food I got excited.
What a great idea. Foodies far-and-wide brag nonstop about which taco truck has the best brain (as if, let's be honest, they'd know). So why not make a high-end mobile diner--in a groovy old Air Stream, no less--for the foodie contingent? I'll admit: It made me curious.

So....I think I'll search them out soon (but not this week; the Daily Candy email sent out yesterday might make for long lines and/or *gasp* running out of food), but if any of you get there first, report back in comments.

**UPDATE** Jess Thompson at the Weekly ate there yesterday. Read about it.

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