Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where we used to live

Take a gander at this post by Crabmommy, a blogger who moved to Jackson Hole from NYC (sound like anyone you know?). She talks about how double-wides sell for half-a-million buckaroos and such.

No, really, they do. Check it out!

Yep, a real estate market even crazier than the one here in Seattle. And in Wyoming!

When I first moved to Jackson we drove by a single-wide "in town" that was listed at $350k+. Thing is, I had a sane person's reaction (wha the fuh!!??) but Ed, who'd been there for years, just kind of shrugged. People there are numb to it.

But you know what? That gross peach trailer is probably worth a half-mil+ now.

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