Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Foodie Weekend: Volterra chef at Pike Place Market

This weekend chef Don Curtiss, owner of Volterra, is doing a chef demo at noon at the Pike Place Market's "Summer Sundays" tent.**

I'm thinking of heading down there--it's a great excuse to go to the market, something I used to do almost every weekend. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I've only been once since moving back to Seattle last November. And hey, it's the Market's Centennial birthday.

I'm sure every local has their favorite Pike Place spots; since I worked down there off-and-on for four years, I certainly have mine. Some of my fondest memories are of rainy days at the market, when most of the tourists hole up in their hotels. I'd go to Le Panier, sit on one of the stools by the window with coffee and a baguette and just watch the street outside.

In summer there's nothing better than the gazpacho from Sisters in Post Alley for lunch. And, during my years working at Sur la Table, I'd go to Seattle's Best for coffee every morning. In fact, I got free coffee from my friends who worked there every single day. I would tip them, of course, but I mean I NEVER paid. Actually, after I took the job at Citysearch and worked too far away to be able to get coffee there, I stopped in one day to say hello and found they'd taped my picture to a milk carton with a big "MISSING" label on it. Hilarious.

I was excited to take Ed to the market, so our first Christmas together we did a winter rainy-day eating tour. We had salmon sandwiches at the Market Grill.

We ate bbq pork hom bows at Mee Sum, we had the salmon mousse piroshky at Piroshky Piroshky. I might've even made him eat some of those embarrassing-yet-addictive fried chicken pieces from that greasy place near the fish-throwers. I'm sure we had palmiers at Le Panier while I told stories of working there, and how, in the summer, it's 115 degrees because there's not air conditioning and the ovens are on all day.

So I need to get my rear-end down there to pick up flowers, fish and reminisce about the old days. Then stop by Le Pichet for wine.


**Sign up for food info at 80108 and you'll get info like this sent to your phone for free!

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