Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Orangette gets married like a foodie

Beautiful writing by Molly about her recent wedding. Read it here.

It reminded me of my own. Seems like a long time ago, what with the little one being seven months already, but our beautiful wedding was only a year and a half ago.

I still remember having an epiphany on a hike: There would be NO BUFFET. I am not a buffet person. I used to argue with one of my managers about how I'd rather be a pauper than own a Bucca di Beppo. So I decided right then: No matter if we have to invite fewer people or spend more money, we are doing a plated dinner.

What we ended up doing was a tasting menu with wine pairings. And dancing to Steam Powered Airplane, our favorite local bluegrass band. It was wonderful.

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Jane said...

That elk was awesome! The whole meal was excellent!