Friday, April 11, 2008

The Surly Gourmand makes my day

Some people's idea of a mind-blowing foodie moment is, apparently, going to see Tony Bourdain do something on stage for 2 hours at the Moore (seriously, does anyone know what a chef can do on stage to earn $50 per person for tickets? Talk? Make jokes? Flamenco dancing? I don't get it).

But today! By chance! My mind-blowing moment occurred because a certain foul-mouthed food writer deigned (10 points!) to comment on this very blog! Head over to this post to view the comment in situ (46 points!), but I'm also pasting it here:

Hi and thanks so much for the glowing praise! And I must say I'm flattered to have as my "new #1 fan" the dining editor for Seattle Magazine. Holy fuck I've hit the big time. Can I have a job?

You should know, Allison, that the usual way to show your appreciation to me is with naked pictures of your mom. These can be sent to High resolution jpegs please.

Anyway, to the guy who complained about the old posts not being listed on the Sinner's web site, I'm in the process of resurrecting my old blog, which I haven't written on in 3 years. All the old stuff will be posted there. Stay tuned.

Your friend,
the Surly Motherfucking Gourmand

PS here's some gossip: did you know Gypsy closed? Seems the feds finally fingered them, and not in the good way.

Oh happy day!
I am a huge fan of doctor surly, mostly because he says exactly what I wish to God in heaven I could say but am not allowed to by the powers that be (aka, the people who pay me). In fact, I recently had such a total piece-of-shit (and expensive, dammit!) meal that I actually said to Ed, in the car on the way home, "I should email the Surly Gourmand so he can come here, eat that crap food and write about it like I wish I could."

That's my long-winded way of saying thanks, your Surliness, for bringing the funny (and the truthiness) to food writing in this town. And please re-publish that Quinn's review, because it's friggin' perfect.

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