Friday, July 20, 2007

All-Purpose Pizza rocks

Tonight we're having leftover pizza from All Purpose, a new(ish) pizza place sort-of in our neighborhood. We're just happy we have a place that delivers since before AP opened it was Domino's or Pizza Hut. Anyways, the pizza is great. We ordered the Hullaballoo which has bacon, fontina, mushrooms, sweet onions, meatballs (but they put sausage on ours unless their meatballs are made of sausage) and an olive oil-garlic sauce. This pizza is the stuff that addictions are made of. We gave Ruby a crust to gum and she made her "I love this" noises.

Ruby's getting fun food-wise. I'm not interested in or probably even capable of being the anal mom who feeds one food every 4 days or whatever. Plus, I figure if my mom raised me by giving me gatorade until my teeth were green, chewing a piece of Columbia City Campagne won't kill her. So we've been feeding her lots of new, fun, tasty bites. So far she's had my house-smoked salmon, broccoli, sweet potatoes, mozzarella, pizza crust, various yummy crumbs of whatever Ed and I'm eating (the fave being the ricotta pancakes I had at Geraldine's last weekend. Those things were incredible!) and so much more. Today I made scrambled eggs. Can't say it was a HUGE hit, but she ate them. She likes things she can pick up and get into her own mouth, except she seems to let go too quickly and the pieces seem to end up on her lap or in Callie's mouth. So tonight she'll be getting some more mashed banana and pizza crust, plus probably some of the frozen Yukon golds I made last week. Not too shabby for a 6 month old, right?
All-Purpose Pizza & Ale in Seattle

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