Monday, February 2, 2009

Food News: Moshi Moshi opens Thursday

Despite what you might've read, um, elsewhere (I'm a huge fan of Voracious, but it's probably a better policy to update a blog post when you publish incorrect info rather than deleting it from the blog and making your readers think they're going crazy), Moshi Moshi actually opens this Thursday, Feb. 5th.

I've been anticipating the opening of this place for months; seems like there's a lack of really good sushi in the neighborhoods, and I figured the team behind Bricco might just do it right.

Head over to my Seattle Mag blog to get all the details.

[where: 98118]

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John Eddy said...

Tell me about it.

Never, ever ever ever ever ever delete posts wholesale. Edit them, post a correction separately, call attention to your mistake somehow. Just don't delete.

Rule 1 of online .. err. work?