Monday, June 9, 2008

Bourdain, and the Corson Building's maiden dinner

I've been curious for months to know what Matt Dillon (Sitka & Spruce) and Wylie Bush (Joe Bar) would do with one of the most interesting buildings in industrial south Seattle, the Corson Building. So when I heard that the Corson's first "official" dinner would be a pre-show feast with guest-of-honor Tony Bourdain, I knew--though I'm not a big enough fan to dole out hundreds of bucks to join in--I knew I'd want to hear about it on the flip-side.

Did a quick search and found this short recap of dinner with Bourdain on a guy named Larry Jordan's livespace blog. The pictures he includes at the bottom of the page are definitely worth a look--check out that hot red meat slicer!

Did any of you go? I'd love to hear more about that dinner.

In the meantime, I just noticed that there's now an email address to reserve space for Corson Building's Sunday suppers on the Sitka & Spruce website. Game on!

[where: 98108]


Larry W Jordan Jr said...

Ask away, it was a great night. Send me mail @

frantic foodie said...

the place is beautiful!

Dawn Wright said...

Thanks for the heads up about the Sunday Suppers! I emailed them right after your post, and we managed to go last Sunday. It was great! Rustic, simple, good flavors that let the local ingredients really shine.

Ali Scheff said...

That's great! Do the Sunday suppers cost less than the Fri-Sat dinners (ie, less than 80 or 120 with wine)?
what did you eat at your sunday dinner?

Dawn Wright said...

It was $50 + wine. We wrote about the dishes we ate on our blog. It seemed like plenty of food, so I wonder why the price difference?