Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Food News: Mistral to close at end of month

Big news in restaurants today! First I read Nancy Leson's column on the new St. Clouds Cafe at the NW African American Museum--excellent news! And that the pair from Pair are opening another place. More good neighborhood is good.

But with the good news comes the sad news that Mistral, perhaps Seattle's most unique fine dining restaurant, is closing. Head over to for the scoop.

Also closed: The Wellington in Columbia City, which I never made it to. There's also papered-over windows one block south of the Wellington on Rainier. Anybody know what's moving into that space?

[where: 98118]


Jamie R.S said...

That is sad news about Mistral - the guy kind of was / is / came off as a tortured artiste' though...

this is a cool blog - I'm glad I found it - cool pics of Spring.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Casuelita's Island Soul is taking the Wellington spot. Not confirmed.

Ali Scheff said...

That would be great news if Casuelita's takes the space.
jamie--thanks. I love taking pictures. It's become much more of a hobby since I had a little girl

brunophallus said...

chef william will grow to the size of cloverfield and smash all of seattle