Thursday, March 20, 2008

First day of spring, in pictures

We took a walk around the neighborhood this morning and it was just beautiful to see the earliest flowers beginning to bloom.
Daffodils everywhere

Not sure what this is, but it sure is pretty


will soon look like this:

this early clematis is fragrant and gorgeous

always a sucker for a tulip tree

pretty heliobore

callie, the good-looking dog

Cherry blossom trees are in full bloom

tulips are almost ready

callie's puppy-dog face

[where: 98118]


Anonymous said...

I think the second photo is pseudocydonia sinensis - also know as Chinese Quince.

Anonymous said...

Or Rosa glauca, but these bloom later.

Ali Scheff said...

I found it--it's Chaenomeles, related to Chinese quince

Tea said...

Aren't all the flowers lovely right now? The dog is pretty adorable too:-)