Monday, March 23, 2009

Best Restaurants: The Ones That Are M.I.A.

So far this morning I've recieved five emails from loyal fans of Serafina, telling me, in no uncertain terms, that I screwed up, missed the boat, or was crazy not to include them in our Restaurants that Stand the Test of Time section of this year's Seattle Mag Best Restaurants issue (on newsstands this week).

Every year our Best Restaurants issue is our most popular, and it's also our most controversial. But I love reading other diners' thoughts on which restaurants "make" Seattle. So please, chime in and nominate/complain all you want right here. I really do want to know what you think.

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matt wright said...

after eating at Serafina once, I have to say I wouldn't go back. Wasn't anything special.

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt Wright,
I have to disagree with you. I have lived in the Eastlake neighborhood for several years. I can't get enough of Serafina. The staff is not only knowledgable, but friendly, inviting and fun. I have never had a bad meal, or experience. I hope you'll try it again someday, I think you'll change your mind.

Jordan said...

I tried to dine at Sarafina on Thursday for dinner/happy hour and I will NEVER go back.

I got there about 15mins before happy hour was to end. Hoping to have a quick snack with my girlfriend while we waited for my roommate to meet us for dinner. After hearing the hostess seat the woman in front of us, alone, while this patron waited for her friend, we thought we would get the same treatment. The restaurant side was empty, by the way. The first thing the hostess asks, in a rather demanding tone, is if we have a reservation. When we explained that didn't, she commented that she could "try" to find us a table when our friend arrives...and then she walks off.

There are so many restaurants in Seattle, that I do not need to go to one that obviously is not worried about my business. I was really excited to try this place out because I have heard good things, but I refuse to be treated like a second class citizen at the expense of a good meal.