Friday, January 4, 2008

Food News: Boom Noodle open

...and packed! At least it was at lunch yesterday when I wandered in, without knowing it was opening day. The place was bustling. Looked like the owners (the Blue C sushi guys) invited lots of friends and family to come in; they were working the room and hugging everyone in sight.

I get the feeling the Pike/Pine corridor will be embracing this place.

UPDATE: *OR NOT! The "Capital Hill is the new Bellevue" bitching has already begun over at the Stranger. It's basically the same moaning and groaning that went on when the hideous Mexican place finally closed and reopened as Quinn's.

I find the above complaints semi-entertaining, and I can relate to the feeling of loss over the few great places that have been (or probably will be) shut down or forced to move.

But what I don't understand is this: Where have all of these whiners been for the last decade? And why is this all so surprising to them? Because there were plenty of warning signs that Capital Hill was jumping the shark, or at least growing up and becoming less of a sh*thole. Like, um, Julia's opening on Broadway six years ago. Yeah, you know, Julia's, the brunch spinoff from Wallingford! Not exactly punk rock.

Mourn Capital Hill, and maybe think about moving someplace less glossy (and less expensive!). But quit the shock routine. It's getting a bit silly.

Boom Noodle (warning: website semi-broken)

Boom Noodle in Seattle

[where: 98122]


JD said...

I have to agree about the comments over at The Stranger. What is wrong with trying to revitalize the neighborhood?

whatsforlunch said...

do you have any comments about the food at Boom?

SeaSlug said...

please, please, please -- it's "Capitol" (not 'capital') Hill in Seattle.